• Serious Fucking Wedding DJ



    I'm a cool dude who is prepared to DJ your ~alternative~ slash non-traditional wedding.

    About Dan

    Professional DJ serving Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

    since 2003!


    Dan Amitai amazes crowds everywhere from packed house parties to underground punk shows to sold-out arena performances. He has been primary support for Grammy winners such as Dirty Vegas, Grandmaster Flash, and Cee-Lo Green. Dan brings his expertise, professionalism and chill demeanor to every event, along with two turntables and a mixer (and a microphone if you must). Whether you're getting hitched at a posh ultra-club or a grimy warehouse, you will want Amitai at your next event!


    Key Differentiators!

    Why pick Dan? It's simple:

    • I do not get on the microphone except for important announcement ("we're almost out of whiskey" for example)
    • Affordable: ask about the friend discount!
    • Versatile: high end country club to a dilapidated barn, top 40 to Jewish to rave
    • Surprisingly easy to deal with - a rarity in this industry!


    Amazing Reviews!


    Select Yelp and WeddingWire reviews!




    • "Dan was pretty much the best DJ a bride and groom could ask for. He was the perfect mix of professionalism and chillness that you should have from a DJ. He was extremely quick to respond to our initial inquiry and was great when we met with him in person to discuss what he does/what we wanted. He has a legit DJ background that made him stand out among cheesy wedding DJs and we knew that his taste in music was superior. We didn't want a straight up club scene vibe but also we also didn't want it to be traditional wedding music and Dan knew exactly what we wanted. And he delivered. So many guests commented on what a great DJ he was."
    • “Dan’s demeanor is professional, obliging and punctual. He is genial and completely bereft of the ego that most DJs seem to have these days. Dan does this because he truly loves music, not fame and prestige.”
    • “Superstar DJ Dan Amitai is the proper selection for your party and/or musical needs. I have been in the audience of his sets as a captive member (wedding) and a willing party (club gigs), and he never ceases to satisfy. I’ve already booked him for my funeral.”
    • “All of Giorgio Tsoukalos’ theories about Ancient assinots are actually about Dan.”


  • Playlists

    What am I listening to? Check out my Spotify playlists

    My "Discover Weekly" playlist

    This is what Spotify says I should like based on my listening habits. Judge me.

    the TUNE. playlist

    A coolout playlist ideal for cocktail hour or getting high with the wedding party before photos.

    the "only the worst hip hop (and R&B!!)" playlist

    Hip-hop and r&b I'm into. Some of it is really good, some of it is really cheesy.

    the "HORRIBLE CLUB HITS" playlist

    House/techno/rave stuff (and I use those terms loosely)

    the "stupid rock music" playlist

    This is honestly the music I grew up listening to.


    Let's talk about your event! Happy to meet with you and your fiancé(e) and talk about your cute ideas for whatever.












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